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New Approach Package

Service Description

You've had ADHD for a while, and you've tried lots of things but either what you are doing isn't working, or a new life change has new challenges you need help addressing. Let's reassess together and get a new action plan going forward. Timeline: 3 months, weekly sessions, or 6 months bi-weekly 1-hour sessions The process: 1. Understand your ADHD blueprint - how it shows up, what's worked, what hasn't, where you still need help 2. Get an action plan together including tools, new routines and anxiety/depression management if needed 3. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions to put your plan in to action What you can expect: Clarity, focus, ease and grace through ADHD. Turning a burden in to a superpower. Harnessing and activating your neurodiversity skillsets as they come and working with them, and getting them to work with you! Request a booking to receive a free 30-minute discovery consultation.

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