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Hi, I'm Erin and I'm passionate about inspiring others

ADHD Alive Coach Erin

Life doesn't have to be so hard.

Being diagnosed with ADHD at 12 was a gift. It put a definition on to why I seemed to be unable to "behave." Loudest one in the class, couldn't sit still, physically overbearing, leaving things all over the house, forgetting class assignments, brilliant with bad grades, starting lots of projects and leaving them half finished...and so on. 

Now, we had a definition and along with that ADHD came another definition: GAD - Generalized Anxiety Disorder. My fourth grade teacher constantly called me a "worry wort" and I was catastrophizing before it was a thing. 

While we had a definition, I didn't have the tools yet. I was given medications, which didn't seem to help as much as when the space around me was modified to accept me for who I was. My parents and teachers worked with me to build a better support system, create space for some of my behaviors to exist, and give me the processes I needed to be reminded of things, have more time to decipher, process and absorb, and feel things. 

When I left home, I didn't have those same support systems in place, and when I got my first corporate job with big responsibilities, things started to fall apart. I spent years disliking myself for not being like everyone else I worked with, changing who I was to fit what others wanted me to be, so that I would stop "getting into trouble" for the consequences of my neurodivergent behaviors.

I ignored what I needed and over time, I didn't know how to listen to myself anymore. I was living for everyone else's expectations and disconnected from my intuition, my body and my own path.

This led to lack of self worth, lack of self love, and lack of self compassion. Because I was unkind to myself, didn't listen to myself, and didn't love myself, I exhibited the same behaviors externally. I was overly competitive with others, defensive, jealous, resentful, and more. I was a very unhappy human and I was living the opposite life of what I was meant for.

Turning it around

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I finally had a wake up call: I have this one life. I may have been given this diagnosis, but that doesn't mean that has to define me, hold me back, or prevent me from being the happiest human I can be while I am here. It's my choice how this plays out, and I choose to be happy. 

I dove into a series of amazing therapists: cognitive therapy including EMDR, Lifespan Integration, then worked with a brilliant Neuropsychologist to understand mind/body connection, and how our brain and nervous system formation determines our ability to process and handle stimulation. 

I learned about childhood trauma and what that means for our nervous system and brain adaptations, our behaviors and thought patterns and how ADHD is a survival mechanism developed from an emotionally unsafe household as an infant and teenager. 

I read book after book after book: Everything from clinical textbooks to Buddhism and the Stoic masters to learn about WHY I was the way I was and different angles of thinking to change my life today. 

This has been a 15+ year journey of healing. I am now focused on the future, which is why I chose coaching. I am here to help others learn how to harness the power of their ADHD and turn it into thriving. I am hellbent on Happiness - we all deserve to be infinitely happy.

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I am a life-long learner and excited to keep adding to my list of education

Over 70 ICF Professional Coaching Hours

Trained in the Coaching Habit Method

Currently in training to become a Certified Somatic Integrative Therapist

Registered Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor (200 hours)

Director at Microsoft

Over 15 years coaching, mentoring and tutoring young women (Big Sister, Basketball & Soccer coach, Reading Partners tutor.)

Diagnosed with ADHD 28 years ago.

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