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Partner Practitioners

Learn more here about some of the practitioners I partner and collaborate with on projects and referrals. 

Seventh Sense Institute

Jannae Rice and Shannon Stockwell lead this practice focused on supporting creatives, visionaries, and entrepreneurs to honor and harness the gifts of ADHD. 

Seventh Sense Institute on Facebook

TrueCare Integrative Natural Medicine

Dr. Evangelynn Honegger (Dr Vange) runs this practice based in Kirkland, Washington. Her practice is based on the philosophy that simple and effective is one of the most elegant treatment approaches for the body. Her practice supports the patient's full background, experience, exposures, and lifestyle to work together and build effective and realistic and attainable treatment options. She understands the importance of having an integrative team of health care providers working together for the success of each patient.

True Care Integrative Medicine

Vibrant Acupuncture & Sound

Ruth Sie, LAc is an Los Angeles Acupuncturist and classical Chinese Medicine practitioner trained in sound therapy, tai chi, fertility awareness methods, and health coaching.

VIBRANT acupuncture & sound 

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