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ADHD Anxiety Management

Service Description

Anxiety is a hallmark of ADHD, but it can come from a number of sources. Let's dive in and work together through somatic therapy for nervous system integration to build more resilience, calm, ease and gentleness into your days and nights. Timeline: 3 months, weekly sessions The process: 1. Understand what your day looks like from start to finish, including any hot spots or epicenters of anxiety 2. Find the anxiety in your body and work on treating the source 3. Tools, practices, routines to retrain your nervous system for rest What you can expect: This is the heart of the Somatic Integrative Therapy I offer. This combines years of study in neuropsychology and somatic therapies to help you manage the day-to-day feelings that come with ADHD, HSP and other neurodiversity. Request a booking to receive a free 30-minute discovery consultation.

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