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You're in the right place to turn your neurodivergence into


What we do here

The journey before you is one of understanding, integration and learning to THRIVE.

We work with women of all ages to understand their unique ADHD abilities  and tailor plans together that include various modalities across psychology, mindfulness and somatic therapy. 

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The process

Our partnership is one of learning, growing, evolving and thriving. This is how we will navigate it. 

This process a broad overview of the full scope of support I offer; each person's needs will be different. A 30 minute discovery session will help me to understand what you are looking for and I will be able to recommend the right formula for our work. 

Deciphering ADHD

Our starting point is a place of education and understanding. This is where we frame context for and learn about why feelings, thoughts and behaviors happen the way they do.

Your Blueprint

We will assess your unique neurodivergent blueprint and how your ADHD "shows up" in your daily life, and what you wish you could do that you don't know how to do today with ADHD. 

Your Toolkit

We will work together through a series of individual sessions to build your toolkit of routines and tools, as well as somatic practices for emotional regulation so you can go through each day knowing how to handle any situation. 

Family Time

An optional step is to discuss your blueprint with your family so that everyone has the same foundation of understanding, and work together to implement plans, tools and routines to build a house where everyone can thrive.

Individual Coaching

We continue to work together to optimize our plan, work through new challenges and situations, and set you up for success for the different areas of your life.

Hello, I'm Erin.

I am SO glad you are here. You came to the right place. You're here because you are either the person with a neurodivergent gift like ADHD or a High Sensitive Nervous System, or you are their parent, teacher, loved one.

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